Model wears "Oasis Dress" from the ART-TO-WEAR 2013-14 RTW Collection

The Destination

Painting the future for the modern adventurer...

Zofara explores the evolution of Art and Design driving continuous re-invention and cutting edge design. Working with an international network of master craftsman, Zofara transcends fads and fashions with a unique identity representing a philosophy of creativity and innovation.

We tell stories through Art, painting and photography producing signature textiles that are collaged to express a journey, place, and experience.

Established in 2013 Zofara is one of the emerging leaders in the luxury fashion arena with a focus on bespoke textile design and made-to-order accessories creating signature textiles and hand-painted artworks that represent the individual.

Zofara ART-TO-WEAR and ART-OF-BESPOKE design experiences are in demand among affluent consumers who demand exclusivity.

We take the individual and create them as the brand designing their ultimate statement piece.

We capture a woman's identity, inner beauty, and uniqueness creating "The dress she wears on the outside that shows who she is on the inside".


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